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*If you are part of an organization that will have more than one registered user, make sure your gatekeeper signs up first as your registration will have to be accepted by your gatekeeper.

User Registration Instructions

Step 1 - Complete user agreement located here: User Agreement

Step 2 - Save and print your completed user agreement

Step 3 - Have your user agreement signature notarized

Step 4 - Return to this page to complete the online registration and upload your notarized agreement

Gatekeeper Registration Instructions

Step 1 - Complete steps 1-5 of the user registration instructions. When completing online registration, mark as member of organization, enter organization name, and mark yes as gatekeeper.

Step 2 - Have head of agency complete gatekeeper agreement here: Gatekeeper Agreement

Step 3 - Have head of agency get gatekeeper agreement signature notarized

Step 4 - Have head of agency email notarized agreement to scorss@citrusclerk.org